Take Ziplunch Back to the Office

The ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many to ponder the future of Toronto's downtown workplaces. The once vibrant scenes of rush hours, coffee breaks, and lunch meetings have transformed significantly. As we navigate this new era, offices in Toronto are beginning to revive, albeit with noticeable changes. Adapting to new work environments, whether full-time or hybrid, necessitates implementing safety measures to accommodate varying employee concerns.

Ziplunch is a convenient and safe solution for office lunch needs in this evolving landscape. Our service aligns seamlessly with the anticipated safety protocols in workplaces. For those unfamiliar with Ziplunch, our approach simplifies office lunches. Our expert menu curator selects daily lunch and dinner options from up to three restaurants, with a limit of eight choices per restaurant. This curation offers takeout prices and free delivery, with the weekly menu released every Saturday for hassle-free ordering.

The cornerstone of our model is a streamlined delivery system, ideally suited for the new safety guidelines. Each office becomes a 'hub' for our delivery service, significantly reducing the influx of delivery personnel and enhancing safety. This system offers convenience and addresses the concerns of employees who may be hesitant to visit busy restaurants during lunch hours. With Ziplunch, employees can enjoy a diverse range of quality meals delivered right to their office at a designated time, allowing them to use their lunch breaks more efficiently and safely.

Adopting Ziplunch as the preferred office lunch provider offers businesses the advantage of providing their teams with delicious, safely delivered meals in line with any safety protocols. As Toronto's workplace environments gradually transition to the 'new normal,' Ziplunch aims to play a pivotal role in easing this shift by offering a reliable, safe, and enjoyable lunch experience.

For offices looking to enhance their lunchtime experience with convenience and safety, signing up with Ziplunch is a straightforward choice. Click here to get your office started with Ziplunch and elevate your team's lunchtime experience in the new normal of Toronto's workspaces.