Meal Planning With ZipLunch

Meal planning and prep doesn’t come easy for everyone. We get it, it’s hard and requires a lot of planning and dedication. Menus, grocery shopping and cooking, let’s face it, it isn’t a fun way to spend the weekend. Now that things are starting to open up and life can (fingers and toes crossed) slowly return to some sort of normality, trying to do all that while still wanting to enjoy the weekend is a tad overwhelming. And chances are you won’t stick to it for long.

Untitled design (91)Now, we’ve all been caught in the dreaded what’s for lunch/what’s for dinner drama. Either during a busy day at work, or getting home after a long day to find nothing in the fridge.

This is where ZipLunch comes in. All it takes is a little time, one day per week (on either Saturday or Sunday) to make your own weekly meal plan. Many of us live with our partners, families or roommates, and our pre-order model allows for each individual to order their own meals from the restaurants they want. No more fighting until a  common restaurant is agreed on, everyone wins!

So here’s how it works: our weekly menu is sent out on Saturdays, where you can browse and plan your daily lunches and dinners. We feature 2 to 3 restaurants for lunch, and the same goes for dinner. Each restaurant has a different delivery time, so you can easily plan your meal delivery times accordingly. Forgot to plan your weekly meals over the weekend? No problem, you can still order anything on the ZipLunch menu up until the day of. Knowing what time meals will be delivered, and not having to think about it for the rest of the week is a pretty great thing. So, on the days you have placed a delivery on, you will receive a notification when the driver is close by, so make your way down to the pickup point.

Whilst making your life easier with pre-ordering for the week, part of our model was to also help the restaurants. The Restaurants know ahead of time what the listed items will be for that week, allowing them to effectively plan their meal preps for the day and even the week ahead. By also knowing how many orders they have in the upcoming week, this allows for maximum time efficiency by staffing accordingly making for efficient prep time, saving them money and most importantly less food wastage.

According to the City of Toronto website, food waste costs the average Canadian household over $1,100 per year. We often waste perfectly good food because we buy too much, cook too much or don’t store it correctly.

By pre-ordering, food wastage at home and in restaurants is drastically reduced. So go ahead, plan your meals and get on with your week...just look out for your delivery notification!